Working Hand-in-Hand

"Tracy represented me during my very stressful custody battle and child support case. I was completely overwhelmed with the idea of going back to court and handling all the paperwork myself. I found out about Tracy's services from my mother and hired her as my attorney and I am so happy I hired her to assist me. Not only did she decrease my stress and anxiety but I won my case. There is absolutely no way I could have handled court, being a mother, working full time and going to school full time without her. She personally handled every aspect of my case and made sure I was informed throughout the entire process. Tracy always made sure to take the time to keep me in the loop on what was going on and what to expect moving forward. Since my case she has become more than just my lawyer, she has become a part of my family, and I will be forever grateful for her help."

- T. Haynes
Laveen, AZ

~  ~  ~

"Tracy handled my divorce and custody case, as well as an appeal against an Order of Protection that had been filed against me. We won absolutely everything, and I could not be more satisfied with the result - I am confident that I really chose absolutely the right lawyer for the job. In short I really feel like Tracy listened to me, and gave me exactly the defense that I was asking for. The fact that we won everything is absolutely fantastic, but I also feel like she helped me retain my integrity throughout the process. I will certainly use her again in the future if need be. There was a huge contrast between Tracy and the lawyer my ex used, who was clearly out for money and did nothing but perpetuate slimy lawyer stereotypes in my eyes. In short: If you are looking for someone who has integrity, knows their stuff, will listen to you, not take advantage of you, and will strive for the best outcome for all parties involved... I highly recommend Tracy. No reservations."

- Steve
Scottsdale, AZ

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"In the midst of a nasty divorce, the thing you need the most is good representation at your side, and Tracy provided exactly that. Tracy was able to bring a level-headed approach to my case and always stayed the course in terms of keeping focus on a equitable settlement. This was made even more difficult by the respondent and her council as they were highly unreasonable, made false accusations against both myself and Tracy and generally were uncooperative. Never once did Tracy lose her cool despite these challenges, instead she displayed an unparalleled level of emotional intelligence which kept the case on-track. Over the course of the case Tracy diligently researched out the issues we encountered, assisted in the division of assets and most importantly worked to ensure I maintained equitable custody and parenting time with my children (who the respondent wanted full custody over). Ultimately we settled without a trial and I was able to get the vast majority of what I was asking for. The support did not stop once the divorce was finalized. Tracy was instrumental in helping me to sort through some of the post-divorce issues with the State. She also was extremely helpful with interpretation of the decree as little gray areas would pop up."

- Clay
Phoenix, AZ